I am so grateful to my friends, Owen and Carleen Sabin who own Historic Bowen Mills in Michigan. They scouted around to find and evaluate horses (like Indy on the lef) to determine if they would work for my business. They also provided great advice over the years for making my business the best that it could be.They are now the proud owners of Indy and Jim.

 Many thanks also to my good friends from the Jacksonville Carriage Company as well - especially Bieni Boyce, Helen Boyce, and Cristen White. Here's Bieni, the owner, who has been so generous over the years in letting us borrow extra draft horses and drivers during our extra busy times; providing great advice; horse-sitting when I needed to travel; referring customers; and even using her off-island farm as a refuge for me and my horses when Amelia Island had its mandatory hurricane evacuation!

There have been so many other "behind the scenes" helpers that assisted at the farm; mended harness parts; did horse-sitting when I traveled; trimmed trees; helped clean stalls; accompanied me while I trained a new horse; and did many other things. Here's Sallie Mitchell (left) one of my horse's biggest fans and their loyal horse-sitter over the years. Thanks also to Carlos Carter, Mary & Barry Lyle, Brad Lunt, Sarah Young (right), the Giedry family, Drawn Polard, Marcus Smith, Chelsea Decowski, Alex Hutzler, Mary Emma deGaris, Casey Granderson, Deb Kretmeyer, Alvin & Heather Kirtsey, Stanley Austin, Dell Thompson; and the many others who were always there to lend a hand.

Thanks to all the businesses in town that have referred customers to us; and to the City of Fernandina Beach. For the safety of my horses, it was most important to have a place, right in town, where my horses could be brought and shielded from inclement weather - especially on our barrier island that has unpredictable storms, thunder and lightning. Any successful carriage company requires space in the city for this and to store carriages and equipment; provide a staging area for harnessing and hitching; and to provide a grassy paddock area and good supply of water for the horses' breaks. The skilled folks from the Brannan Construction Company built a Carriage House for us. Years ago, Mary McKenna was in charge of the city's Building/Planning Department; and she provided very valuable zoning and building suggestions.