Horse-Drawn Carriage Tours on Amelia Island

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About Our Carriage Tours

Old Towne Carriage Company  904~277~1555


There's so much to learn and do on Amelia Island. Your tour guide can provide a good introduction to the history and activities on this unique barrier island.
Our carriages are relatively small and seat 6 people or less, so the tours can be tailored to meet your specific interests. As you step on the carriage you feel as if you have entered the world of the past, free of the pressures of today!!!

Rita Jackson owns and operates the Old Towne Carriage Company and chances are that she will be your tour guide. She has an extensive knowledge of the history of the island and has been driving her carriages and conducting tours in the Fernandina's historic district for 24 years - more than any other tour guide in the city. She also does all of the work back at the barn; grooms and transports your horse into the city; and sets him up for your ride.



Our 30-minute tour highlights the most popular landmarks in the historic district. As you stop at each site, you will learn about its unique structural design and history. Rita has been personally invited into homes which have been passed down in the same family for as many as 7 generations, so she can provide a unique insight into the history of the town. For those interested in learning and seeing more, we provide one-hour tours as well. If you would like to have the whole carriage all to yourself, you can also reserve a "private" tour. 

Old Towne Carriage Company ~ P.O. Box 1317 ~ Fernandina Beach ~ Florida ~ 32035 ~ Phone: 904-277-1555