Horse-Drawn Carriage Tours on Amelia Island

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Special Discounts and FAQs

Old Towne Carriage Company  904~277~1555

For the best tour prices in town, we offer a $10.00 discount coupons that are available at local Bed & Breakfasts, hotels, restaurants, the Chamber office, Visitor's Center, and from Old Towne Carriage personnel. Reservations are required when these coupons are used and they apply to tours for 2 or more people. In addition, we offer special 10% discounts for senior citizens and for those who are active in the military. (Only one discount program can be applied to each tour.) Call for special rates for large groups.

What are your operating hours?  From October to April you can reserve our horse-drawn carriages for day and evening rides. From May to September we start our routine tours at 6:00 pm because it's too hot for the horses to work in the hot Florida sun. It's best to call in advance for a reservation so you don't have to stand around waiting for a ride.
What if it rains?  We normally do not operate when there is a 70% chance of rain or more, or during thunderstorms or high winds. Because weather on this barrier island is somewhat unpredictable, we normally use a carriage that has a surrey top. You can check the Accuweather forecast; and it's always best to tell us your cell phone or local telephone number so we can communicate with you if the weather looks questionable. In case of rain or high winds, we can reschedule your tour; and it this is not possible, you can stay dry by going to the Amelia Island Museum of History (904-261-7378).
Is your company insured?  The city of Fernandina Beach requires that all carriage companies be insured. The Old Towne Carriage Company maintains a policy that covers damages in amounts more than 3 times the standard required by the city. Because no horse can be ever considered "bombproof" the State of Florida has its "Equine Activity Law" which states "under Florida law, an equine activity sponsor or equine professional is not liable for an injury to, or the death of, a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities. All equine sponsors and equine professionals are required by law to tell all of our customers about this law before they board our carriages. Since being purchased by its current owner in 1992, we are proud to report that the Old Towne Carriage Company has never been warned or cited for any violations to the city's codes. Its license has never been suspended or revoked and it has never been legally challenged for any damages to its customers or property. Your carriage driver would be happy to show you documentation of insurance before you board our carriages.
How do I know if your horses are well cared for? Our licensed veterinarian, Dr. Guy Graden, checks our horses every 3 months and administers the required tests which are submitted to the City of Fernandina Beach. In accordance with city codes, we never use a horse in this city without providing proper documentation to our city officials showing that they healthy and free from any disease. Your carriage driver would be happy to show you this documentation. In addition, we only use the largest and strongest of all breeds (the Belgian Draft Horses). The health of our horses is more important to us than making money, so we limit the amount of time they work and do not submit them to unhealthy conditions. 
Are your horses overworked or submitted to inhumane treatment? It is the policy of the Old Towne Carriage Company to only have a horse work for a maximum of 5 hours per day (this is only one-half of the city's upper limit per day). In the warm months, the horse that pulls your carriage may work for a special event (such as a wedding) during the day but you won't find him working or standing in the hot sun for hours waiting for customers because our routine tours occur during the cooler evening hours. The rest of the time our horses stay on a 2-1/2 acre farm with plenty of shade trees eating grass and alfalfa hay. You also will notice that the horse that pulls your carriage is alert and not subdued, in excellent physical shape, bathed regularly, and well groomed. 
Are your carriages safe? The city of Fernandina Beach requires that all carriages be inspected for safety and the Old Towne Carriage Company has a qualified expert perform these inspections. A certificate of safety is completed, filed with the city, and available for review before you board our carriages. Besides being safe, all of our carriages are hand-crafted from wood and have very comfortable, tufted seats.
Where are you located? Our carriage house is located on 115 Beech Street in the City of Fernandina Beach. From AIA (also 8th Street) you can turn west on Beech Street, go to the end, and you will see the 2-story carriage house in front of you). We normally do not pick-up customers there. When you make your reservations, we arrange the best location for you such as any of the restaurants, B&Bs, or the hotel in the historic district (Hoyt House, the Florida House Inn, Hampton Inn-Downtown, Blue Heron Inn, Addison House, Williams House and Fairbanks House).

Old Towne Carriage Company ~ P.O. Box 1317 ~ Fernandina Beach ~ Florida ~ 32035 ~ Phone: 904-277-1555

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