Horse-Drawn Carriage Tours on Amelia Island

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A Touch of Elegance for Your Wedding

Old Towne Carriage Company  904~277~1555


People come from all parts of the world to have their weddings in the historic district on Amelia Island. You can reserve our wedding carriage to carry off the bride and groom after the ceremony. Some people also arrange to have our carriage transport the wedding party to the ceremony and pick up the bride and groom after their reception for a nice, relaxing ride. Your photographer will have plenty of time to take perfect pictures so you can remember this special day for many years to come.

Our horse pulls a white wedding carriage that was hand constructed by a professional carriage-maker especially for our weddings from hard wood and brass. It has extra room for the bride's gown and can be decorated if you wish. This carriage is only used for weddings and is in perfect condition with comfortable tufted seats. Some call it our "Cinderella" carriage. You can also reserve any of our other carriages for your wedding.



Call 904-277-1555 for pricing and wedding options.


Old Towne Carriage Company ~ P.O. Box 1317 ~ Fernandina Beach ~ Florida ~ 32035 ~ Phone: 904-277-1555