Indy was originally from Indiana and started working at the Old Towne Carriage Company in Fernandina when he was 11 years old, 17 hands, and 2,300 pounds. Previously, this Belgian Gelding was a logging horse in Indiana . He then moved to Michigan where the logging continued and he became a prize-winning heavyweight pulling horse. His mane was clipped short when I got him but it grew out to be very thick and long. This most gentle giant pulled my carriages in Fernandina until was 17 years old. Then he moved back to Michigan in 2017.


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Our newest addition was Jim, another Belgian Gelding that was 11 years old and 17-hands when he arrived in Fernandina. He had been an Amish horse (named "Jimbo")from Ohio so it took him a while to get acclimated to the warm Florida climate. Jim was found to be very smart like the 3 other Belgians, but he was much more outgoing and mischievous - waiting at all times for someone to leave a gate open or the door to the feed room ajar! He topped off at 2,050 pounds while in Fernandina. Jim moved to Michigan with Indy in 2017.

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"In riding a horse we borrow freedom."
                  - Helen Thomson