So What's Next?

Rita is ready for some R+R. I sadly couldn't keep Indy and Jim during my retirement because of the cost and amount of work needed to maintain them. They were my primary concern because if I sold them to strangers or another carriage company - there would be no guarantee that they would be well cared for; and there was always a possibility that these precious horses might be sold again and fall into the wrong hands in the future. So, I decided I would look for a good owner that could buy both of them together; keep them on a big pasture for plenty of exercise; feed them their much loved alfalfa hay; and give them the best possible care. My prayers were answered when my good friends, Owen and Carleen Sabin, agreed to buy Indy and Jim, and transport them to their farm at Historic Bowen Mills, Michigan. Both of these horses were originally from the north and are happy with the cooler climate there.

Indy and Jim's first day at Bowen Mills, Michigan with Owen's other 2 Belgians curiously looking on.

Owen and Carleen have 2 other Belgians, Bill and Bud, that now share their pasture with Indy and Jim. The horses have about 20 acres; and are now doing weddings and special events for their business there. As you can see on the left, Owen trained them to work as a team. You learn about Historic Bowen Mills and see more pictures of these 2 happy campers at .....

Historic Bowen Mills

Weddings for a Lifetime

Short Video of Indy and Jim in Michigan

Indy and Jim Now at Historic Bowen Mills

  Chow Time

"Show me your horse and I will tell you what you are."

                                                                 - English Proverb

Jim, Indy, Bud and Bill